Second Chance Sister

Second Chance Sister

ABOUT Billy McCoy

Billy McCoy
Billy McCoy was born in Alabama and lives in Minneapolis,MN. He has written six novels: Mocha Confidential, Delilah Samson, Letters from Winnie, Strange Fruit,Pine Street Peddler, Online Dating:a Memoir and Second Chance Sister. Billy enjoys reading, writing and biking. He loves history bo More...



Second Chance Sister is a deeply emotional and mesmerizing novel of youthful passion, wealth and the fateful events that lead to heartache and pain then the miracle of a second chance. Ashley Edmundson, a serenely attractive and restless young woman hits upon a magnificent idea which she then builds into a booming enterprise…but the sudden success is a double edge sword…her husband's excess extravagance quickly destroys and breaks Ashley's spirits. Divorced, Ashley discovers redemption in devoting her life to saving her daughter and sister from a similar fate. Filled with tenderness, passion and resilience, Second Chance Sister is a novel to treasure forever.