Mu$ic Never $leeps

Mu$ic Never $leeps

ABOUT Nex Saturday

Nex Saturday
Nex Saturday started writing around the age of 13. He had a love for wrestling so he would create a wrestling character and role play that character in e-feds against other role players for a few years. He stopped and picked up writing years later in his 20's as he found urban fiction book More...



Plot - Follow Number Ny as he writes in his own words. Number has a hard life growing up in the hood of Bridgeport, CT dealing with his alcoholic mother and her belligerent abuse. He has a love for Rap & Hip Hop so deep that he had to make it his career as a recording artist. Number rises through the battle rap ranks as a force to be reckoned with as he feuds with his fellow rival Cake who later turns out to be a frenemy. Number eventually gets signed to a major record label deal by the infamous Bully Liston who is CEO of Rap or Die Records. Number has to deal with the price of fame as he goes through periods of a downward spiral dealing with various vices such as pride, greed, drugs, gambling, and the lust of the almighty dollar. Along the way he also has to deal with rap beefs and finding his soul as something is missing in his heart. Will Number Ny make it out alive in the cut throat world of the music business without selling his soul or will he crash and burn and become just another victim of his own self destruction?

This is a Rap & Hip-Hop Urban Fiction novel that is rated G for Gangsta by the imagination of Nex Saturday that will take you on a journey and an adventure to discover that everything that glitters in the Rap & Hip-Hop world isn't gold.