Honey Out of the Rock

Honey Out of the Rock

ABOUT Kyle Sutton

Kyle Sutton
  Biography Kyle Sutton was born and raised in Kinston, North Carolina. Growing up in a non-Jewish home—yet living one block from the only synagogue in town—he weekly attended a local Baptist church from age two. At age 15 he committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and was More...



HONEY Out of the Rock presents a fresh collection of short Bible Studies for those who want more out of God's word. Using every book of the Bible, author Kyle Sutton explores a wide range of Messianic topics that seek to harmonize traditional Christian and modern Messianic viewpoints. This book also deals with Old and New Testament parallels, Messianic Christology, Midrashic typologies, covenant imagery, Hebrew names, the importance of tokens, and the ancient pictorial alphabet Moses and others used to pen the Bible. An inspirational and highly educational resource, HONEY Out of the Rock will make your Bible and your faith come alive as you journey through it in daily discovery.