Science Fiction & Fantasy

By James O'Rell

Publisher : Amazon

ABOUT James O'Rell

James O'Rell
A local of the Youngstown, Ohio area, James O'Rell spent half his life working on writing leading up to what is now Heroine.  He graduated from Youngstown State University with a Master's in Computer Science and Information Systems.



(Formerly the Chronicles of Autumn: Tala'har's Story) Carry left her home world in hopes of protecting a very powerful person. That person ends up being Autumn Alexander, a down-trodden teen whose own cousin turns her school life into an utter hell. Not only that, Autumn doesn't seem to know what she is. Carry has to wade through Autumn's strange bloodline problems and family history, littered with secrets all while protecting Autumn... without letting her know she's doing it.

I started writing about the characters in Heroine in high school for a Science Fiction class.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great read! July 25, 2013
What a creative idea! Great characters and a rich world to put them in. Fantastic read for those who love a mix of fantasy and reality.
5.0 out of 5 stars Great new "modern science fiction/fantasy" piece July 2, 2013
Along the lines of being a Modern Day version of Ender's Game or Dark Tower, taking place in modern times but using elements from all throughout the history of humanity. The Chronicles has potential to be something good. The story is very well developed, quite evident that this is the first of a series of novels. Great character development, plot well paced. All in all a great book to read. Took me about 4-5 hours to read the entire thing. (It is quite long) Definitely worth your time.