Gates (The Feather Trilogy, Book 2)

Gates (The Feather Trilogy, Book 2)

ABOUT Laurie Lyons

Laurie Lyons
Bio Laurie Lyons wrote her first story at the age of 8 and hasn’t really stopped since. She lives in Calgary Alberta, Canada with her husband and their two clever children. She loves writing, reading and spending time with her brilliant friends. She is the author of FEATHER and GATES of  More...



In the second book of THE FEATHER TRILOGY, Lucy and Nathaniel have started their sophomore year at Mulbridge University. Everything seems perfect but a series of strange accidents leave them both wondering if something sinister is lurking. Is it just fate or is something evil after Lucy’s soul? Does Roman, recently returned from the depths of Hell, have anything to do with it? Nathaniel and Lucy struggle to find answers until all is terrifyingly revealed on the Winter Solstice in an ending that will leave you breathless. GATES is an exhilarating, exciting read that will keep you guessing until the very last page.