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DC Sekhar
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‘This is the year 2100 AD and your body is 130 years old’

I realized the doctor was talking to me. He went on. ‘Murphy had entered the hospital with a routine request to archive his brain. But someone messed up and Murphy’s brain has been damaged beyond repair. The hospital had no choice but to transplant another brain. The best match we could get came from India. So, your brain came from Hari who died in 2005 AD and your brain was stored safely in India for the last 95 years.


I looked at the mirror. The reality was slowly beginning to dawn on me ‘I, a small town Indian mind . . . now have a Caucasian body’. 


The doctor went on ‘While you think as ‘Hari’ and have all the memories of ‘Hari,’ the rest of the world sees you as ‘Murphy’.


Utterly confused and nervous, I set foot into the unknown world of the 22nd century, very intimidated at first, but soon fascinated by how technology has changed every aspect of daily life.    


Welcome to - the T axis – where the lines blur between body, brain and soul. The book takes you on a thrilling journey of 22nd century with all its scientific and lifestyle advancements, as seen through the eyes of ‘Hari’. It transports you to an era where it is routine to live over 130 years with artificial heart and organs, archive human memory, perform remote robotic surgery, ride in elevated tubes and cover a whole city with a roof. While weaving an ordinary man’s journey through amazing scientific and lifestyle changes of the 22nd century, the author weaves a gripping narrative that is awe inspiring, yet very believable.




Great reading   Tue 24 Dec 13

the T axis (Kindle edition) : Really enjoyable reading, Sekhar has a great vision of what the future holds for us. Jumping back and forth in a time frame of 100 years, Hari kept me glued to the story. SAM

Gripping   Fri 20 Dec 13

This review is from: the T axis (Kindle Edition)
Gripping and thought provoking novel. The 'future' is thrilling but it appears entirely plausible. The book leaves you with a lot of interesting imagination about the future.

Imagination Redefined   Mon 30 Dec 13

A journey through the sands of time, the T axis takes you into an awe-inspiring world of imagination that is bound to leave you spellbound. Intriguing thought processes, well planned and well laid out, are woven about an emotional journey which keeps you glued to every page till the very end. Looking forward to the possibility of a promising sequel depicting Hari overcome life's many obstacles as he arrives in India in search of his family. Incredible, yet plausible. Hope to see Sekhar conquer even greater heights!!

Must read   Fri 20 Dec 13

the T axis (Kindle edition) : Great imagination of how future life is going to be. A very nice attempt and recommended for all age groups. ANUJ


Press release by Partridge Publishing

Up and coming author Sekhar presents a riveting vision of the future

New novel tells the astonishing tale of a man who successfully undergoes an extraordinary medical procedure – brain transplant


India – Sekhar marks his debut in the world of fiction with his explosive new novel, “the T axis” (published by Partridge India). This tour de force seamlessly blurs the line between the speculative and the real to reveal an astonishing vision of the future and a world teetering on the cusp of unparalleled innovation.


The story is set in the year 2100 AD, in a future earth where human memory can be archived, robotic surgery is the norm and cities are built with roofs. In a hospital in the United States, a patient, Murphy, is undergoing a medical procedure during which his brain is accidentally damaged. The hospital’s search for a suitable brain replacement leads them to India where an Indian man’s brain has been preserved since 2005. The brain is implanted into the Caucasian patient in the United States and a new man seemingly born. This new man responds to the name “Hari” and has glimpses of his past life and of memories of years spent in India and the family he had, a hundred years ago.  


Heralding the arrival of a talented new literary voice, “the T axis” is all at once an extraordinary science fiction adventure, an astonishing exploration of the ramifications of medical experimentation and a deeply moving tale of the human need to belong and survive in a constantly shifting world.


“the T axis”

By Sekhar

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 116 pages | ISBN 9781482815429

e-book | 116 pages | ISBN 9781482815412

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About the Author

Sekhar is a director in two companies engaged in marine environment, renewable energy and waterfront projects. A firm believer in need-based innovation, he has studied finance management in Singapore and general management at IIM Bangalore.