The Sky Used to be Blue: a Silo story (Karma #1)

The Sky Used to be Blue: a Silo story (Karma #1)

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Patrice Fitzgerald
Patrice Fitzgerald has had a checkered past, zipping around the chessboard of life from intellectual property attorney to professional mezzo-soprano to freelance writer to producer and impresario for arts events to local TV host to… well, that's probably enough.  Be on the lookout for  More...



Hey Patrice ~ I LOVE this story idea! You have my complete blessing.

Hugh Howey, author of WOOL



Karma lives in a Silo deep beneath the earth. She isn't sure of much else… only that the wallscreen shows an outside view that is barren and swirling with toxic clouds. Most of the other residents seem content. Except for the ones who jump to their deaths from the hundred-level spiral staircase. And the ones who are pushed.

After the doctor prescribes a special medicine and tells her to avoid tap water, Karma begins to remember a very different world. Despite the fog in her mind, she is convinced that something came before. Such memories are dangerous to talk about, or even to think about.

She must figure out who can be trusted. The doctor… her husband… or no one at all.


This is a novella based on Hugh Howey's WOOL books, the first of five best-selling ebooks in the Karma series.

Karma of the Silo: The Collection, which includes all of the episodes in the Karma series, will be available in December as an ebook, to be followed by a print edition in early 2014.

Praise for Patrice Fitzgerald and the Karma series --

“Fitzgerald has created another masterpiece here with Cleaning Up. It’s as good, if not better than, The Sky Used to be Blue. She has such an immediate style of writing which grips you from the start and takes you on a wild journey through the desperate lives of those living in the Silo.”

W.J. Davies, author of The Runner and The Diver

“A definite PLUS to the Wooliverse, and a must read if you want to be well-versed in all things WOOL!”

Michael Bunker, author of Pennsylvania, The Silo Archipelago, and WICK

“I think I’m in love with Karma. I was curious about her life when Hugh Howey mentioned her in SHIFT. I highly recommend, not just this book, but this whole series! Read them all. You won’t regret it… I can’t wait for the next/ last book!”

Hanna Elizabeth, author of Visions of Wool

“Fitzgerald’s characters come alive and threaten to leap off the page, they are so engaging.”

Jerilyn Dufresne, author of Who Killed My Boss? and the Sam Darling Mysteries

“The Sky Used to be Blue manages the difficult feat of placing itself within the existing narrative, just like a missing piece of the great puzzle, and not just a parallel story or spinoff. It is well-written, gripping and filled with suspense. All the ingredients necessary are here: good writing, action and unexpected twists, characters you care about, and a deeper meaning.”

Max Zaoui