Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: A Guide for All Job Seekers,Workers and Managers!

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service: A Guide for All Job Seekers,Workers and Managers!

ABOUT Collins Francis

collins francis
Collin K. Francis  is an international acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Trainer. He was born in Grenada  and now lives in New York.  He has created Life Circle Community (LCC), the perfect Online Network for people who are looking for support to achieve their fullest potential.



Deliver Exceptional Customer Service is not just an essential read for everyone but very important in a time when technology is slowly eroding the concept of good customer service.
Customers are still looking for a warm shopping experience; managers are still hiring persons who can deliver excellent service and more—so companies profits are increased with good service.
These are the skills that school will not teach you; managers need but cannot verbalize, and customers are dying for when they go to shopping.
Job seekers, workers, managers and business owners should equip themselves with the knowledge contained in this book
This book will assess the four critical components necessary to deliver superior customer service while dealing with the issues workers face every day at the office. These components are as follows:
Personal Development
Professional Development
Customer Service Care Skills
Office Work Ethic Skills
These are the skills managers urgently need. By equipping yourself not only you will be better prepared for work, but you will also stand out from your peers. Each person has to take personal responsibility to improve his or her own self.

Who needs Customer Service training?
Job Seekers
Business Owners
Community Leaders
Church Leaders
Everyone who deals with other people.

This book intends to serve the interest of job seekers, recent hires, recruiters, managers and parents

It is important to note, as well, that most managers should read this book. Managers are the main reason customer service is lacking in many companies, and they, too, must be fully aware as to what the critical issues for customers are. Managers must understand who their customers are and how to manage them well.

The author manages The Job Center Online; a recruiting and training company and has put years of observation, research and training into this e-book.
The book breaks down critical issues of managers and customers in regard to the lack of customer service, especially among new workers. This will be your number-one training manual and give you all of the skills you need to function in any customer service environment in the most professional way.
By reading this e-book you are becoming equipped with the skills you need to perform better on the job, not only you will find a job easier, you will keep it, impress your bosses and customers. On completion of reading this book, your attitude towards life and others will change.
This book high-lights the issues that will improve your delivery of customer service. It doesn’t matter what job you are doing, as long as you are working with customers, you must read this book. Get to the heart of the issues.
Job seekers and workers will now have the tools to create high customer retention, while becoming a superstar on the job. You will learn how to provide professional customer service, ensuring that customer will want to return.
This will not just impress a recruiter, but ensure that you stand out among other workers or job seekers.
If managers are not aware of these critical issues, they cannot teach their staff how to deal with customers effectively. Internet marketers have digitalized business without regards to efficient service. However, those who understand customer service are the ones that are excelling. Those that completely ignore customer's complaints fail as astronomically.
Customer service is the most critical aspect of any business. Sadly, the way our education system is fashioned, workers, as well as managers, do not see the detriment of poor customer service. Managers allow inexperienced workers to determine their bottom line.
These workers bring attitudes from home--into business places--that do not enhance the buying experience of customers. Lack of customer service kills a business slowly over time. Unless a customer has no choice, they will not buy in places with poor service.