A Gargoyle's Might (Supernaturals Now)

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Romance

By Shannon Phoenix

Publisher : Shannon Phoenix

ABOUT Shannon Phoenix

Shannon Phoenix
As an author of paranormal romances, Shannon Phoenix is dedicated to bringing the 'romance' back to the genre. She is devoted to producing books that reflect the high quality and standards that characterize the readers of the genre, rather than the poor quality that has reflected recent ov More...



Ivory has been entombed for almost four hundred years. As an ivory statue, she watched the world go by. When she is awakened, she finds herself adrift in an unfamiliar new world. Her destiny as a powerful sorceress is unveiled even as she becomes increasingly isolated. Lincoln is her constant protector and companion; and her greatest distraction.

Lincoln, a mighty gargoyle, has loved Ivory since he has known her. Bound to her even in her captivity, he struggles to remain true both to himself and to her as she appears to descend into madness.

With enemies all around, and friends are not what they seem, Ivory and Lincoln must battle their own inner demons as well as the hatred and fear of others. Together they will determine the fate of a world that seeks to destroy them. Their powerful love must conquer an ancient evil, but the price may be more than they can pay.

This is the second book in the Supernaturals Now Trilogy. In writing this book, I found the heroine really hard to like. I wanted so much to change her, but then I began to realize that she has something precious to offer to all of us; the reminder that we don't have to be perfect, or even necessarily likeable to others... to be lovable to that special Someone in our lives. She allows us to let go of our need to be some particular way before we can allow ourselves to accept love. So I left her as a not necessarily likeable character. To let myself be me, I had to let her, be her.

This is a very well done story that tells of a not very traditional love. - Earnest Strong

I liked this book despite the fact that the heroine was very difficult to like initially. - Glorificus from Amazon.com