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Rithika Ramesh
I’m Rithika Ramesh, a vegan, baker, blogger, travel junkie and an animal lover. I run Mumbai’s only 100% vegan bakery The Green Stove from my suburban home. While my oven keeps me busy, I enjoy writing about food and my vegan travels. I come from a family of amazing cooks starting with More...


India as a country is very friendly to vegetarians. This is because Hinduism - the religion followed by the majority of inhabitants - prohibits meat for certain sects of its followers. Although this vegetarian cuisine is still predominantly dairy-based, the local Maharashtrian cuisine of Mumbai has lots to offer vegans, if you know what to look for. This is why this guide by local vegan and seasoned traveller, Rithika Ramesh, will prove indispensable in your quest.

Vegan City Guides Mumbai contains detailed information of where to eat and shop in Mumbai, insider's advice on what to expect as a vegan travelling to Mumbai, what street food you can safely eat or how to ask for veganized versions of favourite local dishes, more Mumbai resources for the vegan traveller, a few useful translations and a handy map. The guide also contains full colour photographs for those whose e-readers display colours.

The e-book features speedy search capabilities that lets you shoot back to the Table of Contents from every chapter heading and jump easily to the websites of listed establishments by clicking on the embedded links. A handy geographical index lets you search establishments by the neighborhoods that they're in.

About Vegan City Guides: We're an independent publisher with the aim of making life a whole lot easier for vegan travelers. Our guides fill the gap left by other travel publications in catering to vegan and vegetarian needs. You know that chapter that's missing from your travel guidebook, the one that tells you where YOU can eat, sleep, shop and spend your leisure time? The one that tells you what obstacles you can expect to encounter as a vegan in a foreign city? Vegan City Guides, written by real vegans who know their cities inside out, have got you covered!