The Final Election: A Political Thriller Novel (Trouble For Tyranny Series)

The Final Election: A Political Thriller Novel (Trouble For Tyranny Series)

ABOUT Chaz Mayes

Chaz Mayes
Chaz Mayes, an outdoor enthusiast and jack of all trades, grew up in the beautiful Carolinas.  He now resides in the mountains with his wife and infant daughter, who keeps him quite busy.  In his spare time he has one goal - to get out into the wilderness.  His passion for outdoor life  More...



The Final Election is an intense ride with twist and turns that will leave you speechless.

Zack is a single, young man with a secure job that allowed him to travel. While not having much luck with past girlfriends, he enjoyed his simple life. He devoted his spare time becoming active in campaigning for the next Presidential election. The candidate was going to win easily and turn the country around from the corruption under the current administration. That all changed in a blink of an eye.

America finds itself in the grips of a government bent on seizing the rights of every citizen. The unthinkable begins to happen and tyranny is only a shot away. Who would stand up against such insurmountable odds?

Zack and his family become involved in life changing events they never expected to become reality. They find themselves fighting for their lives, for their survival and for their country. Along the way, he finds Alicia, who would become the love of his life.

While facing potential death on a daily basis fighting for his beliefs, he learns about the true meaning of life. The importance of family, friends and country.

Debut author Chaz Mayes explodes onto the literary scene with his first book, “The Final Election.” Part 1 in the “Trouble For Tyranny” series—political thrillers filled with decisive decisions, tragic betrayals, astonishing consequences, and unforeseen romance.