Thinking made easy

Self-Help and Personal Development

By Mohan Prn

Publisher : Become

Thinking made easy

ABOUT Mohan Prn

mohan prn
A post graduate with over decades of service in the army.Has considerable experience of man management.Actively involved intraining, teaching and research assignments.Has keen interest in creative thinking.



Thinking is basic to us all. It is the intellectual activity that generates ideas,and underlines all human actions and accomplishments. As a skill it is learned through the process of experience and education, though not to the extent required. The modern changing world with flood of information reqire refinement of thinking skills..Book provides an insight in to the functioning of the brain and it's impact on the thought process; to enablea well informed, conscious effort to leverage the full potential of the mind.the simple steps outlined can be dovetailed in to every day activity, as you experience life to improve your thinking ability and you to greater success in life.

Book provides an insight in to thought process and holistic approach to improve thinking to enable a well informed, conscious effort to leverage the full potential of the mind .The simple steps outlined can be dovetailed into everyday activity, as you experience life, to improve thinking ability, facilitate intellectual development and lead you to even greater success in life.

Self help sections on book shops are full of books on assorted topics but there is hardly any on vital subject of thinking.This book fills the gap.The book dissects the process of thinking from micro to macro level.The chapters thinking skills,creativity,deep thinking,practical thinking and sustaining creativity are of immense practical value for a discerning reader. A reader who wants to learn and have fun at the same time and really wants to help himself would find the book a page turner.This book  is a must read for every right thinking person.