Black Hawk Day Rewind

Mystery & Thrillers

By Baibin Nighthawk

Publisher : Smashwords Edition

ABOUT Baibin Nighthawk

Baibin Nighthawk
Baibin Nighthawk (Pen Name): Baibin holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and a Certificate in Art (Teaching). She is a freelance Business Consultant, a member of Art of Ink in America Society and a writer. She won several Poetry and international Calligraphy Awards.


Mark Savannah has already lived two lives and now he is looking for a third, but he is trapped by a past he can’t escape.
Professor Zimmermann of the University of Buenos Aires has warned him: “They have been able to cover up the whole affair and destroy all the evidence”.
Mark has discovered an extraordinary secret hidden deep in CIA director Colonel Reed’s past and in the neural transplant operations of Biosketch Technologies Inc., a biotech company set up by Reed.
Mark came into contact with Biosketch Technologies Inc. and the diabolical Project “Transtem 1.1″ while studying civilian and military neural transplant patients. As Mark attempts to uncover the truth, he is pursued by Anaïs Degann, a CIA agent with orders to terminate him.
Project “Transtem 1.1″ is just the tip of the iceberg of Reed’s dark plans and, in order to get his life back, Mark has to break the ties connecting Colonel Reed with Colonel Kozlov of the Russian counterintelligence service.
Reed’s links to Russian intelligence threaten to compromise international security and Mark must stop him at all costs.


About the Authors:

► Baibin Nighthawk - Pen Name: Baibin holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Certificate in Art (teaching). She is a freelance Business Consultant, a member of Art of Ink in America Society and a writer. She won several Poetry and international Calligraphy Awards.


► Dominick Fencer - Pen Name: Dominick holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and a MBA. He is a freelance Business Consultant, a VFR pilot (light-sport aircraft) and a writer.

...and both are addicted to flying!

★★★★★ Excerpts from Review by Maria Beltran (for Readers’ Favorite), July 10, 2014.

"Black Hawk Day Rewind is a fast paced thriller that is bound to keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning. Written by Baibin Nighthawk and Dominick Fencer, the story is obviously well researched. From a seemingly normal household, the plot brings the reader into a world engulfed in secrecy, betrayal and violence."

"The characters in the story are well developed and each of them is quite interesting. This is a novel that will turn a boring day into a thought-provoking one as we follow the life of Barnett Cooper alias Mark Savannah, student, spy, lover and psychiatrist, as he tries to confront his past and at the same time find happiness in life."


★★★★★ Excerpts from Review by Lisa Jones (for Readers’ Favorite), July 10, 2014.

"Black Hawk Day Rewind by Dominick Fencer and Baibin Nighthawk is an explosive novel to awaken the senses."
"Overall, the authors have a well thought out plot and very strong characters which give this book some spice. I cannot wait until the second book is released and I would highly recommend this one. It has a bit of everything all wrapped up in one book and I guarantee you will become completely lost within its pages."


★★★★★ Amazon Review by D. L. Denham (USA) June 25, 2014. Fast-paced with a strong fast moving plot. The content is intense but it adds an edge of realism to an already effective tone of war and espionage. A great first novel!


★★★★★ Amazon Review by Sterling Gate Books (New Zealand). May 9, 2014. As something of a connoisseur of espionage thrillers, I have to say this is an espionage thriller that truly stands out from the crowd. Well researched, well thought-out and well crafted. A gripping story from start to finish, the characters come alive on the page. Cutting edge technology and international intrigue are combined with non-stop action and unrelenting tension to provide a truly compelling read. Bravo!


★★★★★ Amazon Review by J. Rogers Barrow. April 15, 2014: The battle of Modadishu was a day for heros – a day that might rewind. Nighthawk is a wordsmith. The text is free of the common errors and defects that mark a novel. Good work!


★★★★★ Smashwords Review by AlexR. April 07, 2014: The right mix of ingredients for a thriller:...the shadows of the past, a past that claims the truth, well hidden by an evil-minded power and greedy guys … conspiracy, treason, action, and hate.... revenge.. The story's two main characters fighting against each other.. in a clash of interests, …become allies against a corrupted power. For a few bucks you get a lot .... an intriguing plot on the worldwide stage, ... that absorbs you into the reading from the first pages... ready? You'll be stuck till the last page with unexpected ending.


★★★★★ Amazon Review by Reading Maven (Southern CA). March 23, 2014: Mark Savannah's psychological profile and backstory with his authoritarian father and unfaithful mother helped me develop an appreciation for the son's relentless approach to work and life. The story picks up speed as he encounters the forces of resistance related to Colonel Reed and the Russians...I felt entranced with the novel. 


★★★★★ Amazon Review by Joshua Michael Phillips. March 21, 2014: Black Hawk Day Rewind will blow you away. The action was amazing and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your reading chair. A must read for lovers of the spy thriller genre!   

★★★★★ Amazon Review by James Phillips. Feb. 20, 2014. The story was very well developed and had characters that that were very likeable. Plenty of action and a really good plot. The ending was a surprise and well done. I would recommend this book for anyone liking a very good spy thriller. I will be reading other books by this author.


★★★★★ Goodreads Review by F. Nicod Laplanche. Jan. 23, 2014: I'm a fan of suspense-thrillers and Black Hawk Day Rewind is a great thriller. The characters are engaging and compelling, the plot will keep you guessing from start to finish, and the events move to different countries within a short time frame. I recommend this book to fans of spy and thrillers; it is worth your time and enjoyment.


★★★★★ Amazon Review by J.Morgan. Dec. 29, 2013: "Black hawk day rewind" is a book thoroughly researched and the result is a melting pot of hi-tech and science on one hand and suspense, thrills and action driven plot on the other. I really enjoyed reading this book and I fully reccomend it.


★★★★★ Amazon Review by Andrea. Dec. 24, 2013: The story is great. Mark, Anais and all the characters are so realistic and well defined you can picture them. I really had a hard time putting this book down. Highly recommended for those who enjoy spy, thriller and action.


★★★★★ Smashwords Review by G. Caradonna. Dec. 05, 2013 : This is a real page-turner. If you like spy stories and conspiracy, you will love Black Hawk Day Rewind.