Fuck You! Pay Me!

ABOUT Jason Hooper

Jason Hooper
Jason Hooper has always had a knack for placing words. He started writing when he was 11 years old. He is the best selling author of Urban action "That Girl" 1-3 and street lit Best Seller "Fuck You Pay Me" He is also the co-writer of urban romance Best Seller "Sec More...



Kimberly Tyson is just like any other young, black woman stuck in the ‘hood. She she wants out! After birthing her first child she struggles to make ends meet. Her job lays her off and her greedy, abusive drug-dealing boyfriend and baby daddy “Monty” is no help. Kimberly gets frustrated with Monty constantly running the streets and sleeping with every woman that will open her legs to him and is pressed to leave Monty alone, baby daddy or not. Things take a turn for the worse when both her brothers get locked up. Kimberly takes on the burden of trying to earn their bail money. After allowing her mother to talk her into borrowing the money from Monty, he denies her, but luckily Monty’s friend and business partner “Fresh” serves as a safety net and loans Kimberly the money. In the core of her dilemmas the streets turn hot when a slew of murders rattle the city. Someone is watching her closely as things become dangerous for Kimberly and her family. Strangely, a string of unfortunate events lead Kimberly to a goldmine. Feeling lucky about the blessings she received, she never realizes there would be a fatal price to pay.