The Perfect Day (Detective Paul Friedman Thrillers)

Mystery & Thrillers

By Gunnar Lawrence

Publisher : GAL Publishing

ABOUT Gunnar Lawrence

Gunnar Lawrence
After years of ghostwriting thrillers, erotica, conspiracy novels and mystery books, Gunnar Angel Lawrence has published his first thriller. He is a native Floridian with a love for writing thrillers, mysteries and action stories with fast pacing and a unique twist. He lives in Key West, F More...


A double homicide leads Detective Paul Friedman to discover the threat of an imminent terrorist attack on the city of Orlando, Florida. A young teen girl is found beheaded in the wreckage of what appears to be a freak accident. Friedman learns of The Perfect Day, a plot to strike terror into the hearts of Americans by a zealot known only as Ali the Sand Viper. Friedman must solve the murders and do what he can to prevent the unthinkable, a terrorist assault on the tourism capital of the world.

Reporter Jerome Eisman stumbles onto the plot of a local White Supremacist group to purchase a large quantity of explosives. His investigation takes a frantic turn when bombs begin claiming lives.

The Perfect Day is the sequel to Fair Play.

The Perfect Day is a fictional account of a real life terror plot to attack the United States. Multiple attacks carried out across multiple states on a single day.

A nail-biting thriller!
Gunnar Lawrence’s book hooked me from the first page. The author has woven a story full of surprising twists and turns. How does a homeless man figure in a series of seemingly unrelated murders? What does the killing of illegal immigrants have to do with the past war in Iraq?
The descriptions are spare, but they draw the reader right into the scene.
The characters are so well-drawn that I felt like I wanted to help that homeless man, assist that woman and her daughter; and they weren’t even the main characters!
It’s a novel with graphic violence that isn’t gruesome. That is a difficult thing to pull off.
The chapters give the reader different perspectives on the unfolding drama, but it is all woven into a tight story.
The subtle romance in the book doesn’t depend on sex or the ‘hottest looking…’ It’s real and poignant.
The Perfect Day is a story with meat on its bones and heart in its plot. A book that I highly recommend.

Review: The Perfect Day was absolutely gorgeous. It was filled to the brim with action, suspense, thrill, and detail. The way the ending ties into the first book blew me away as well. I was given this book by the author as a pre-release (It actually comes out December 31), and I was thrilled to read it. I read the first book, Fair Play, and was anticipating this release for a while! I'll be shouting out this book for all to hear, and I highly recommend picking it up the day it comes out!


This fast-paced, action thriller was easy to read and difficult to put down. From headless murder victims to a terrorist plot, Detective Paul Friedman has his work cut out for me. Even the Magic Kingdom isn't safe. The tale was so engrossing and well-written that I read half of it in one sitting when I merely wanted to read a chapter to get a feel for the work. Kudos to Gunnar Angel Lawrence! He's becoming the new master of suspense.

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