I Will Always Love You

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Belinda Vasquez Garcia

Publisher : Magic Prose Publishing

ABOUT Belinda Vasquez Garcia

Belinda Vasquez Garcia
Belinda Vasquez Garcia is the author of the award-winning magical series, the LAND OF ENCHANTMENT TRILOGY. In 2013 and 2014, the books won 4 Best Fantasy Awards and a Books Into Movies Award.   RETURN OF THE BONES won Best Historical Fiction for the 2013 New Mexico / Arizona Book Awards More...


The last thing Miranda ever expected was to see her brother's ghost at the fallen Twin Towers.

It's bad enough survivor Christopher Michaels scares her with claims that if one dies violently, his ghost will haunt the place that holds his name. And to top it all, one of those thousands of ghosts follows Miranda to her hotel. The only certainty is the ghost grabbing her under the covers is not Jake.

Their parents' deaths separated Miranda from Jake when they were kids. Michaels insists Jake brought them together and it's no coincidence that of thousands mourning at Ground Zero, it's his best friend she bumps into. Some best friend. Michaels is more like a moocher. The cheapskate never has money, just a blood-stained wallet he broods over. Miranda has no choice but to hang out with the weird Michaels in order to unravel her brother's past.

As Miranda spends time with Michaels, she begins to wonder who he really is. Against her better judgment, Miranda becomes emotionally entangled with Michaels, a bitter alcoholic with a secret linked to her brother and that blood-stained wallet.

I Will Always Love You is part mystery, suspense and romance, a novel that will keep the reader turning the pages!

A Woman is separated from her brother when young. She sees his ghost two weeks after 9/11 at the fallen Twin Towers.