Liaisons: Meeting Connecting Committment

Liaisons: Meeting Connecting Committment

ABOUT Victoria Roberts Siczak

Victoria Roberts Siczak
If you love mystery and suspense mixed in with a little paranormal phenomena...then listen to this weird story.  Yes...I'm a wife. mother, grandmother, and author of thrillers and unexplainable tales and journeys. 



LIAISONS is an exclusive on line dating service where ordinary people can be matched to the person of their dreams, literally! But is it really all it seems to be? There is what you want and what you receive in life. Beauty is superficial and life can be distorted with the dysfunctional undercurrents of the psychologically deranged. But that shouldn't matter if you really love someone, should it? Karl Wright and Danny Morgan have formed an agency they call LIAISONS. Karl formulated the idea for this service after he met and married his beautiful wife Karen, who has a bi polar disorder. His speculation is that if someone had the chance to meet someone with an affliction and fall in love first, then their problem would not matter to them. Danny is a young technological genius and runs background checks on potential clients, while Karl handles the interviews and the profiles. Their list of clients include Grayson Murray, a reverend with technophobia. School teacher Theresa Gardner who marries a handsome sophisticated lawyer, and persuades her friend Stacey to join LIAISONS. Stacey is matched to a very handsome but darkly brooding FBI profiler, and fears that his odd behavior and discrepancies might have something to do with the serial killer plaguing the city. Melanie Edwards is a beautiful art appraiser who can not escape her domineering father and the life he has chosen for her. Melanie has been labeled as having a social disorder, possible schizophrenia. Shane MacGregor can offer her the lifestyle she craves, but someone is out to eliminate him. Is it her father, the man he wants her to marry, or is it Melanie herself? Alexis Lee is an exquisite performer who wants to have her own family as much for herself as for her aging parents. Taylor Reid finds her irresistible, but because he is rather homely, he is jealous of others in her life. He is not jealous of other men, but of another female dancer. When the dancer winds up dead, Taylor is suspected of being who the papers call, the Slasher! Among other clients there is Susan, a sexually inhibited college administrator. The only way she has been able to relate to men is by becoming a completely different personality. She refers to herself as Suzette. This persona gains control when a relationship with the opposite sex becomes to intimate for Susan to handle. Nick Clearwater suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and after a few unsuccessful matches,he is ready to give up. Will he ever be able to find a woman who can love without patronizing him? It becomes evident to the police that many problems involving Liaisons has unfolded in crimes including the slaying of several women in the city. Is the dating service liable? Does their success rate outweigh their failures? What will happen when or if the killer is apprehended? What will happen to the people and the staff associated with the dating service known as Liaisons?