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Paula Wynne
Paula Wynne is the bestselling author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site. Paula is co-founder of the award-winning iHubbub.com, a free online shop for freelancers, authors and home business entrepreneurs to sell their products or services online. Paula recently launched how2se More...



Paperback. Pub Date: December 2011 Pages: 274 Publisher: John Wiley A complete Course in do-it-yourself digital marketing in 14 bite-sized lessonsThe global recession has sent tens of millions Scrambling for alternative Employment Opportunities and a great many of them have taken the leap into becoming their own bosses. As a result there is a crying need among small business startups. entrepreneurs. and independents working on a shoestring for expert guidance on marketing themselves and their businesses online. Pimp My Site fills that void . It is a complete. do-it-yourself toolkit structured as a fourteen-day course. Rather than fry readers' circuits with a lot of jargon-heavy technical descriptions. Paula Wynne. a successful publicist. marketer and award-winning online entrepreneur . takes a show-and-tell approach. Her step-by-step descriptions are concise and in plain Eng...