Swami Dayanand and His Tragic Consequences

ABOUT Gurpreet Sumra

Gurpreet Sumra
Gurpreet Singh Sumra was born and raised in India. He now lives in Brampton, Canada. He is a keen observer of a dangerous political ideology in India called "Hindutva".


Swami Dayanand Saraswati (1824-1883), the founder of Arya Samaj and author of many works including Satyarth Prakash, that is known as his magnum opus is known for his call of back to Vedas. He was an aggressive proponent of Aryan and Vedic supremacy and founded a sect called “Arya Samaj” that literally means “Society of Nobles”. He was the one who started “Shudhhi” or reconversion ceremonies to bring back Hindus who have converted to other religions. He gave a new interpretation to Vedas never heard before to suit his agenda of Vedic or Aryan supremacy. He was a polarizing figure and the legacy he left behind can be seen in today’s Modis, Togadias, and Advanis. His hostility towards other religions can be gauged from the words he used to describe anything non-Vedic. He called Jesus a savage, Guru Nanak an ignorant hypocrite and Muhammad as pugnacious. However not much is known about his personal life and whatever information has been made available is contradictory. This book reveals the enigmatic Swami, his venomous teachings and his fancy interpretation of Vedas from the horse’s own mouth.