Reconnected (Romantic Suspense Drama) Book #2 (Disconnected)

Reconnected  (Romantic Suspense Drama)  Book #2 (Disconnected)

ABOUT Lisa Calell

Lisa Calell
Lisa Calell is the author of the Disconnected series, which soared to the top of the Amazon Charts within six weeks of the release of Book 1 – Disconnected in March 2013. Book 2 – Reconnected was released on March 31st 2014 and on that day reached the top 100 in Psychological on Amazon More...



It has been six months since Katie's past destroyed her future. Reconnecting with her husband Chris is all she really wants but she knows it will never be right after everything that has happened. She is trying to move on and rebuild her life without him. Weekly counselling sessions are helping her come to terms with the emptiness she feels each day.

Casey's trial is looming and her anxieties heighten at the thought of seeing him as well as her estranged husband. Katie has to maintain her sanity so she pours herself into her writing. Bringing the trauma of her abusive past to life in her new bestselling book 'Orphan', Katie is thrust into the limelight all over the world. International success means she can no longer escape her own existence.

Knowing now where she is, Chris decides to take action and find a way to save their marriage and restore trust. Moving forward can only happen if he understands why it all happened in the first place. There is only one person that can answer his questions but is he prepared for what unfolds the deeper he delves?