The Good Shepherd: Grace Sets Back Your Setbacks

Religion & Spirituality

By Edmond Sanganyado

Publisher : CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ABOUT Edmond Sanganyado

Edmond Sanganyado
Edmond Sanganyado is an ardent blogger, addicted bookworm and apparently a writer. He lives in California with his stunning wife, smart son and a stressful load of graduate research project.



Jesus is a loving shepherd. Without Christ, we are all like sheep with no shepherd. We have no guidance, no protection and no provision. Jesus Christ came to be our Shepherd and through His finished work on the cross, He made us sheep in His flock.
You are the person after God's heart. God has been thinking about you. He is still thinking about you. The Creator of heaven and earth has plans for you. The setbacks you are facing can become comebacks by God's grace. Grace is expression of God's love. In this book, you will see how God showered David with love and set back his setbacks.
The Holy Spirit is always with you. Christ promised us a Comforter and He fulfilled the promise. How you view the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit determines your spiritual victory. This book covers the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer today.
God's grace will never take you where it cannot keep. This book shows us how Jesus Christ is our loving Shepherd who laid down His life for our redemption. Our view of Jesus affects our belief in God and the effect of trials in our lives. God's grace sets back our setbacks when we put our focus on the person of Jesus Christ. Oftentimes, we live in defeat because we fail to understand the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit. God promised that He will not leave us as orphans but gave us the Holy Spirit as our Comforter. This Comforter will let our setbacks become comebacks.

The book chronicles the life of David, his victories, struggles and battles. Despite failing and falling, David was described by God as a person after His own heart, all this because he understood the mercy of God. However, to us God through Christ Jesus, does not only extend mercy, but gave us grace and truth. In this book, the author describes how the grace of God has been availed to believers so that they can reign in life and turn their setbacks into comebacks.

"I have read 100+ pages so far and I can say that what I have read so far has awakened my spirit, it has pointed me back to set my eyes squarely on Jesus Christ. The timing for me reading this could not have been more perfect. It is clearly a Jesus appointed activity to stop me from setting camp in my setback. What I have read so far has been of great encouragement."
"I just started reading your book. Its amazing God Bless you. May his face always shine upon you."
"If you thought all is lost, you have had some cloudy days and things seem not to working for you. This is the book that will raise you up and be what God made you to be."