Revenge of an abused woman: Erotic novel

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Hanco Naninck

Publisher : Hanco Naninck

Revenge of an abused woman: Erotic novel

ABOUT Hanco Naninck

hanco naninck
Dutchman Hanco Naninck did a lot of interesting things before he became an author. He was a high school teacher for literature, a tennis coach, dressman, copywriter and publisher of sports magazines in Holland and Germany. As he was almost 'dead' he decided to write macabre novels about Ge More...



The very attractive Annabel (21) is living alone after her failed marriage in a seedy neighborhood that underlines the dilapidation of her diseased mind. She constantly looks at the world around her through the spy in her front door and only leaves the house, from life preservation, to buy food at a supermarket. By her beauty, she is noticed by some inhabitants of the apartment building who clearly show that she is food for their genitals, (called the Monsters by her). Two Moroccans and her neighbor rape her but she gets help from a drug-addicted boy, James, who is not attracted to her body.
By his help Annabel gets a job at a sports store. The manager is also possessed of her body, as well as some customers. However, she got fired soon because of a low turnover. Then she starts to herself and opens, along with James, a brothel called Anna-sell. As her first customer appears and let her tie him up and beat him with a whip, there is great anger in her and she kills him brutally. Now she has tasted blood and goes into the illegal circuit, looking for different weapons to murder more men. After successful attacks on her neighbor and a mysterious man that she meets in a sex shop, her revenge attempt against the two Moroccan boys fails. She herself is now in mortal danger.

Dutch bestseller about abusing, spanking and the awful power of some male genitals (called Monsters).

My girlfriend got abused from her father. I wrote her life after that happened.