ABOUT Nikisha Mock

Nikisha Mock
Author Nikisha Mock was born and raised in Thomasville, North Carolina and has had a passion for writing ever since the age of 8. Beginning with short stories and then poems, Nikisha says she knew from the start that writing was her first love. In high school Nikisha submitted poems to the More...


From first love to first heartbreak. Back when Hip Hop was still “real music”. When the baseline hit you before the rest of the music even started. Meet Shelly. A small town girl just trying to make it in a crazy world. With little to no guidance, she battles mistakes she’s made, one after another. Through it all, one thing remained constant. Dancing. When she dances, she loses herself and nothing else even matters. Follow her journey through life, love, and loss. Feel the beat and get lost in Shelly’s imperfect rhythm.