Taking Vengeance

Science Fiction & Fantasy

By M. K. Theodoratus

Publisher : Smashwords

ABOUT M. K. Theodoratus

M. K. Theodoratus
Snarly elves are my specialty. My scattered reviews consider, my take on elves different, even though conflict over magic is a cornerstone of their existence. The general tone of the reviews? My Half-Elven stories are fast-paced, thrilling, exciting, and engaging with strong characters. Ye More...


Half-Elven parents on the rampage. When sea raiders attack their daughter, Mariah and Ashton seek vengeance -- only to discover more danger than they expected. 

Fighting and chaos are no strangers to Mariah. But after four hundred years of bickering with Linden, the ruler of the Far Isles Half-Elven, she withdraws from politicks and seeks a peaceful life as a healer. When sea raiders attack her daughter’s family, Mariah plunges into despair. Ashton, her partner who is spying on their southern enemies, feels her distress and uses his elf magic to return to the Marches. As her anger rises, he urges her to go hunting for vengeance against the killers. Only they discover a strange new magic that threatens all they hold dear. Can they convince Linden there’s a problem?

When revising my manuscript, Dark Solstice, the Turning Point, I decided to remove the long prologue. This is it, a story that set up the cumulation of the conflict between Linden, the ruler of the Marches, and Mariah, his gadfly.

The power of a mother's love (be she human or half-elven) comes through loud and clear in this novella. I enjoyed the fantasy aspects -- mindspeak, in particular, as well as the transferring/teleporting -- and the humor throughout was just great. The ending definitely leaves more of the story to be told, and as this novella takes place in a much larger world with its own history.