Chatterton Place: The Inheritance

ABOUT Patricia Garlitz

Patricia Garlitz
I have held a management position in the hospitality industry for the last eleven years and to some degree,  I attribute my writing ability to convey a thought ,my edge.   Through it, I am empowered to communication with people far beyond my touch.  The hospitality field, has blessed m More...


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After purchasing a set of china that matched her Grandmothers, Emma Chase finds her world turned up-side down, by an inheritance no one knew about. As if her dreams had come true, The Chatterton Estate was all she had ever hoped for, BUT AT WHAT COST? Her husband Mike wants nothing to do with the place, and leaves her to breathe life back into the forgotten resort alone. Well, not exactly alone... Even when the living goes to bed, she's left to struggle with ghost's and visions, or perhaps she has slipped in to the past. From the moment, she found the envelope and her Grandmother's secret past; every one believes the inheritance to be the estate. Will Emma be strong enough too conquer the mortal weapons hurtled at her and discover the legendary inheritance... Perhaps even mankind's inheritance.