The Devil's Wife

ABOUT Sonya Mangum

Sonya mangum



Betty Myers was a happy wife, mother and grandmother until the day that her husband died and her entire world fell apart. On top of the sorrow from losing her husband of forty five years she is left with the shock of finding out that the love of her life was a ruthless rapist and serial killer. Torn between love and hate, and racked with guilt she must learn how to pick up the pieces and try to make amends.

Betty’s son, Luke has been ostracized from the community where he grew up because of his father’s sins. Trying to come to terms with what his father did, Luke battles with himself, wondering if the same evil that resided within his father lurks in him as well.
Trish is a jail house groupie, obsessed with violent men and the pain that they inflict. In her search to find the perfect man she seeks out Betty to be her mentor.
Betty and Trish form an unlikely pair and together return the jewelry that Betty’s husband had taken from his victims, bringing what solace they can to the grieving families. Trish finds herself no longer idolizing Betty for her sordid past but for the amazing spirit that the woman possesses and just as she is figuring out that a life of violence is not something that she wants, Trish is faced with the fact that she is in love with Luke, a man who has murder in his genes.