Truth: My Synchromystic Journey

Self-Help and Personal Development, Health, Mind & Body

By Niki Norlock

Publisher : Grave Distractions Publications

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Niki Norlock
Does it take a miracle to save a woman who has lost everything? Does God really step in and carry those who cannot or will not for the moment carry themselves? Are the prayers we scream to the heavens in our most desperate hour of need really answered? The answers can be found in the rema More...


The journey of a Synchromystic… It guides us to the realization that all things created are divine, and that in all things we can find evidence of the love sourced creative force that birthed our physical world. It teaches us to embrace the truth that there is no separation between physical and spiritual. It helps us to understand and accept that life, in all its mystical and magical glory, is merely a representation of our purest hearts desires. Essentially, it reminds us that our most precious gift is the experience of life itself, and in the process, strips away our dependence on fear as the motivating force behind our decision making. Raised a Christian and living a life of confusion, I was, for many years, the black sheep of a family that could not accept my views, my choices or my actions. I had grown up knowing that I did not fit in to the societal ‘box’ that had been presented to me as the ‘norm’ and so had lived a life pushing against all the things that I saw to be ‘wrong’ in our world. In early 2009, my self-destructive cycle came to an abrupt end shortly after the passing of my most respected and treasured family elder. After what seemed to be a lifetime of loss and poor choices, I was gifted with the desire to find a better way to live. I set out to find the answers to some of the most fundamental questions about human existence. Who am I? Why am I here? – and most importantly – What is this God thing anyways? For several nights I lay awake asking for guidance; no answers came... Then came the night when my heart led me to offer what I had never offered before; I would give up my preconceived notions, my beliefs, my fear of change and I would, without question, follow the path that was laid before me. My body was infused with radiant warmth and I drifted off to sleep knowing that life as I knew it, would never be the same. In that moment I embraced the presence of the Divine; I would from that day on, never be alone again. I woke up the next day, quit my job and two weeks later I found myself on the other side of the world, in a strange land, pen in hand, documenting the extraordinarily exciting encounters I was having with ordinary people who would ultimately be the inspiration behind my life’s work. What followed was a magical adventure into the unknown, a sychromystic journey filled with signs, messages and divine gifts of grace. Chance encounters with remarkably wise strangers would eventually lead me to an internal place of peace and acceptance, for myself, the life I had lived, and for the world and all the potential that it holds hidden within our jaded perceptions. In the Philippines, I entered a world where faith, family and friendship were the core values, where trust in the divine was not something people struggled to attain but rather was simply a way of life. It is a world where miracles are not the exception but rather the expectation and it is there that I learned the power of forgiveness and gratitude to heal the human heart. Truth – My Synchromystic Journey is the story of the return to innocence; an emotional exploration into self. It is all that I was, and all that I am, laid bare for all to see. It is a revealing of a deeper truth, one that we all share, buried in our untapped knowingness… That we humans, all of us, are not, never have been, and never will be, alone.

There was a request for guidance, an answer heard, and then something was taken on many levels that few of us have the spiritual strength or intestinal fortitude to do— a leap of Faith—and TRUTH lived. Thank you Niki for leading us by example and showing us how to stand in our power and speak our TRUTH.” Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos author of Surviving Cancerland, Intuitive Aspects of Healing radio host, Dream-Life Coach, inspirational speaker


Truth is an honest, forceful, finely written book that searches for truth and sheds light along the way. It is a book of self-discovery that helps others to embark along a similar path. Richard Poole, author of Mankind’s Last Chance - Healing For a Broken World.

Truth challenges you to go beyond your current understanding of life and love. Emotionally honest and passionate. Through what the author calls her Synchromystic journey, Niki boldly invites the reader to reconnect with the Divine in whatever way works best for them. -Lynn Andrews, author of The Medicine Woman Series