Don't Worry About The Mule Going Blind: Hazel's Daughter

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By Betty Tucker

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Don't Worry About The Mule Going Blind: Hazel's Daughter

ABOUT Betty Tucker

Betty Tucker
I am an author, poet and inspirational speaker who hails from Troy, Alabama. I hold a degree in behavioral science from the University of San Francisco. My career includes nineteen years with the United States Postal Service and nineteen years of service with the San Francisco Unified Scho More...



Betty Tucker came of age in Belle Glade, Florida, infamous for its poverty and violence (e.g., see the Wikipedia entry and the 2006 documentary One Percent). Her childhood was one of debilitating poverty, borne of racism: exploitive migrant labor, multiple rapes and other abuse, chronic illness among her family and acquaintances ... the list is long and bitter. Betty survived not only by sheer hard work but also by nurturing a nascent belief that she deserved better. She moved to California, earned her college degree, and raised a family. Then, in 1997, she began a long and eventually successful search for the twin girls she had given up for adoption thirty years earlier. Fear, insecurity, sexual abuse, want, neglect: This memoir will look beyond the description of these difficulties in the author's life to examine how they stifled her ability to shape her own life, how she acquired the tools she needed to take more control of her life, and what impact her choices, both intentional and unintentional, had on her life and those of her children.

The shocking perspective of my life in the late 1950's and the 1960's. In the book, I described my childhood, which was one of immense poverty, segregation, and abuse.