Chatterton Place: The Legend

Romance, Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Patricia Garlitz

Publisher : Patricia C Garlitz

ABOUT Patricia Garlitz

Patricia Garlitz
I have held a management position in the hospitality industry for the last eleven years and to some degree,  I attribute my writing ability to convey a thought ,my edge.   Through it, I am empowered to communication with people far beyond my touch.  The hospitality field, has blessed m More...


Chatterton Place; The Legend Sequel to The Inheritance In the midst of a polar shift that has droped California into the ocean, breathed life into extinct volcano's, and has pushed the earth off it axis, Emma Chase Mason has giving birth to the child; local's want to believe will be the legendary person to lead the world into a new beginning. Is it possible that the world really stopped it's shaking the moment she gave birth, or could it have been the discovery of the lost magical stone of Old Johnny's tales? Before Emma can understand, what the world holds in wait for her little band of survivors, she must figure out Old Johnny's legend and assist Jim in rebuilding their world. But what happens if she is no able to figure the riddle out in time.