Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventure

Children's Books

By Author Kathy And Karen Sills

Publisher : Tari Books An Imprint of PDMI Publishing, LLC

Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventure

ABOUT Author Kathy And Karen Sills

Author Kathy and Karen Sills
   Karen and Kathy are identical twins who loves to write and cook.  They were born in Holland Michigan, but was raised in Harrisville Mississippi.  Karen and Kathy are authors of three children's books, and one cookbook.  They mostly write children's books and cookbooks, but they do  More...



Wiggle Worm has to find six shapes for school, but he does not know where to look.  He becomes sad.  Wiggle Worm Finds out that he has some wonderful friends.  Come alone on the adventure and learn some shapes, basic math, and friendship.

Five star review on amazon and Readersfavorite