Winnie: The Beginning (Volume 1)

ABOUT Trudi Tolani

Trudi Tolani
I was born and raised on the North Coast in Jamaica. I currently live in the South Florida area with my children. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, reading and writing. 



Winnie The Beginning, is the first book in the series about a little girl from a small and poor district in Manchester, Jamaica. Faced with many hardship and difficulties, she is determined to break the cycle of poverty. She believes that she first has to get an education to be able to make the changes necessary to realize her dreams. Through her story you see the determination of a mother that believes in her children, and realizes that Winnie is a special little girl that is capable of being anything she wants to be. Winnie also represents the life she didn’t get to have, which makes her more determined in her endeavors to ensure that her children would get their chance. Winnie is a role model to her younger sisters, and is admired by everyone who knows her. Passion, hard work and hunger for a better life fuels the drive in Winnie, as she embarks on a journey with her best friend Precious, challenging every obstacle to make a reality of what seems impossible.