Modern Economics: A Corporate-ly Transmitted Disease

Modern Economics: A Corporate-ly Transmitted Disease

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Kaloyan Pechevski
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The only fiction in this book is about 95% of its jacket. I share the experience I had during my employment with a billion dollar manufacturer, the staffing agency that found me the job, the so called management and HRs. The following pages will flip your understanding of economics upside down. They will show you that whatever is taught in the school programs, and any experience I had gained regarding leadership and organizational behavior, were not relevant during my 4-month employment. The economics described is modern because it took place in 2013. It is also global because of the size of the company and the diversity of people involved in the following events. You will see slavery's new face in the following chapters. Hundreds of people around me were brainwashed, afraid to speak up, and eventually turned into sheep. Investors' money was wasted in the blink of an eye. The Union involved was in control of the operation of the facility and the management team acted like puppets on a string. I chose not to be part of that scheme and paid the high price of freedom. However, only they think they beheaded me. More about it...... in the book! Give it a try! It might be your company described in these pages