Beauty Feng Shui: Chinese Techniques for Unveiling Your Inner Beauty

Excerpts & Samples

By Chao-Hsiu Chen

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Chao-Hsiu Chen

Chao-Hsiu Chen
Raised in Taiwan, Chao-Hsiu Chen has studied Buddhist and Taoist teachings as well as yoga. She is also the author of Body Feng Shui. She currently lives in Rome and Munich, where she is a composer, writer, and feng shui consultant.



Use the principles of feng shui to promote both inner and outer beauty.

• Includes daily exercises to deepen self-awareness, alter destructive behavior patterns, and create an effective spiritual practice.

• An excellent way to treat skin-care problems such as wrinkles, acne, and dryness without resorting to medications.

• By the author of Body Feng Shui.

Many people are now familiar with the use of feng shui to design living spaces that harmonize with the landscape and that enhance the positive aspects of one's life. Few people know, however, that these same feng shui principles can be applied to the human body to chart the relationship between inner character and outer appearance. Focusing on the special needs of women, Beauty Feng Shui explains the spiritual and physical meaning of each part of the body according to min xiang shue--body feng shui--and provides exercises and meditations to restore harmony to those areas compromised by energy imbalances. A wide spectrum of specific beauty and health concerns is addressed, including acne, menstrual cramps, wrinkles, and overly dry or oily skin. 

But beauty is not only skin deep. Chao-Hsiu Chen also discusses inner beauty and how to strengthen it through meditation, visualization, and imagination. She includes daily exercises that allow the reader to deepen self-awareness, alter destructive behavior patterns, and create an effective spiritual practice. More than one hundred illustrations show these exercises and special Chinese characters for use in meditation and visualization.

"The spiritual meaning of each body part is revealed, with clear step-by-step instructions for exercises and meditations designed to raise the vitality level of each part and increase its effective interation with the whole."

Napra ReView, March/April 2001

"Throughout this exquisitely designed, yet simple book are pages featuring Chinese characters for the word of each exercise, providing the aesthetic, intellectual and meditative respite that only language and art provide."

Heidi Rain, Spirit of Change, November/December 2001