I started writing fiction after being made redundant from The British Library after nearly twenty two years service. My favourite authors are Dean Koontz, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, Lee Child and numerous others. I live in London, England where I was born.



When the Hamilton family move into their new home in Cedar Grove, Connecticut, they think that all their troubles are behind them. Then one day young Timothy discovers a clip of his favourite tennis player, Brad Stevens losing the final of the men’s US Open, days before the match is supposed to be aired, on an old portable television set whilst looking around in the upstairs attic. At first his parents dismiss the programme as nothing more than an old recording from an earlier tournament. But as they continue to receive strange messages from the past, they begin to wonder if the transmissions are in fact real. Then one evening they discover a clip of a passenger plane and its flight details a week before it explodes in mid-air. They then see a clip of a train leaving a railway station a few days before it is involved in a terrible crash. Could someone from the future really be sending messages back to the past warning of events yet to occur? What starts out as an innocent curiosity soon sets off a frightening and disturbing chain of events as the family try to warn the authorities of disasters and dangers that will soon come to pass and face a race for their own survival as an unknown enemy tries to thwart their plan to bring the transmissions out into the open.