In With The Pack

ABOUT Grayson Michaels

Grayson Michaels
Multi-Genre Writer,Blogger,Paranormal enthusiast, Wolf Enthusiast, Music Lover.



Malakai had always been a lone wolf. His past and the events leading up to absolving of his pack had always been shrouded in mystery. He’d never been able to readjust back into a pack, or a pack hierarchy due to the personal struggles with the ghosts of his past. One fateful night, due to an unfortunate hunting tragedy he finds himself in the wake of something that he is not sure he can get out of. Malaki now finds himself on the run from not only the human hunters in this valley, but also the neighboring wolf packs that have placed a bounty out on his head. During his run as a fugitive, Malakai finds a group of wolves that take him in and understand his plight. Now, as Malakai struggles to keep his freedom and the death squads of the other packs at bay, this pack of rogue miscreant wolves are attempting to help him understand his past, and the future that all these events are leading up to. Join Grayson Michaels as he takes you on a first hand perspective of one wolf’s journey into salvation, survival, and resolution.