Where Is God?

Religion & Spirituality


Publisher : America Star Books


Rev. James C. Nyemah is the first grandchild of Ma Phebe of Gbiso, a great woman of God known for prayers and miracles in Maryland County, Liberia.  He is the founder and Senior Pastor of Africa Faith Expressions, a church that touches the African community in Arizona. He is the first Lib More...



In Where is God? Rev. James Nyemah asks the difficult questions about God and life. If God is such a loving and caring father, why does he allow bad things to happen to good people, including Christians? Why do Christians experienced evils like those who do not know God when the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing, and All Present God is their God? Why do bad things happen to good people? It seems like no one has security in health, wealth, and human relations because of the things that happen nowadays. There are some things that can make one doubt the very existence of God much less talk about his love and care. Sometimes it appears that God does 'pick-and-choose'. He blesses some people but let the others die in their suffering. Why? Join the discussion. Where is God?

In the Fall of 2008 I traveled to Liberia, West Africa, on a missions trip where I planted two churches, conducted two crusades in Pleebo and Harper, concert, soccer tournaments and church workers conference. During my stay the Lord began to deal with me about his presence in our world today. Where do people say God is? Where is God? It was a question that riddled my mind over and over again until I preached it as a sermon upon my return. But beyond that, the Lord kept giving me more revelation about his place in our lives and in this world. Interestingly, the message did not come as a sermon but in segments and in a topical manner. I was prompted to write but I did not want to do so because I did not consider myself an author. Notwithstanding, I obeyed the voice of God and started to pen down the topics and later arranged them into a wonderful whole. And, today, "Where is God?" is now a book available to readers everywhere. This tells me that there is much more to us than we sometimes realized. I did not think I could write a book but God knew that I could write books. Today I am inspired to write more books as the Lord gives me revelation. You can check out my second book "BORN TO TAKE CHARGE", it's about leadership, purpose and discovery. I am grateful that God can use me to be an inspiration to people around the world. Rev. James C. Nyemah

If you want to read an honest and sincere book about life as it pertains to Christian living at it's best, Where Is God? by Reverend James Nyemah is a book that will remain in your heart to bring restoration and a true perception of God's love, grace and compassion. The question "where is God?" is the thread woven throughout the book as Reverend Nyemah discusses the suffering that many people, including Christians, experience as a result of selfishness, environment and societal mores. People want to know where God is hiding during their arduous struggles and this book makes it clear that God is in full view and tells us how we can have that confidence!

The book empowers the reader throughout, building faith from one chapter to the next! Reverend Nyemah has a talent for discussing real life circumstances people can relate to rather than judging and accusing through preachy dialogue void of God's love. He touches upon every difficulty that a person's vulnerabilities can cause when they do not understand that there is a God waiting to guide them out of their problems to a life of great joy and purpose for serving others. His message gives us the hope and faith that God can turn our difficult circumstances into blessings if we look to God rather than trusting in the world! He boldly leads the reader to "forget the past" no matter how difficult and move on to live in victory through his dynamic writing.

If you are not sure where you are in your walk with God or simply as a person, this book will bring to light the truth of your life. The clear and sincere writing of this loving man of God breaks down evil so that it can be clearly defined in your life and understood. He doesn't judge but gently leads. He is a strong believer that one should be told the truth about their mistakes, but not in a way that hurts or wounds the soul. He states that it should be done with care and consideration. I believe Reverend Nyemah has achieved that high standard, and because of it, he will help many people live successful Christian lives.

The wisdom in this book runs deep with questions that make the reader have to think beyond their own preconceived ideas about God and the scriptures. If you're wondering, "where is God?" let this book give you the answer. You'll never wonder again, but instead become thankful and grateful for God being with you along! By