Born II Lose Built II Win

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Michael James

Publisher : GPS Production

ABOUT Michael James

Michael James


A gifted hip-hop artist, and his three childhood friends, who discover a black briefcase containing $500,000 and a disk, with evidence of illegal international arms deals. Several off-shore bank accounts with over $800 million from profits . The leader is a corrupt US Senator. His chief henchman will go on a deadly rampage, trying to recover the stolen disk at any cost . The hip-hop artist, realizes that his, life is in grave danger, in Memphis,Tennessee. So he relocates to Atlanta, where his life is exposed to even greater danger. As he continues follow his dreams of signing a major recording deal while trying to avoiding some bad people with deadly intention . Born to Lose Built to Win' is a tale of a gifted kid with tremendous courage, with all the odds working against him, and his friends. Who are caught between the ills of an illegal arms conspiracy, enhanced with beef with Atlanta, street gangsters . The odds of survival are slim to none. This is a action packed hip-hop crime drama at it's best!