Teaching Children The Gospel: How To Raise Godly Children

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Jack Wellman
I am a father & grandfather who has written¬†4 books & freelance Christian Apologetics writer with a BA in history, & degrees in science & education. I freelance in Christian Apologetics & write about theological, historical, scientific, archeological, mathematical, bio More...



A young boy stood in the kitchen with a knife pointed at his chest. His mother came in and screamed, "What are you doing?!" The boy said, I'm going to let Jesus come into my heart. The obvious lesson is that children take things literally and are concrete thinkers. The way to share Jesus with young children is far different that than of adults. Also includes how to raise godly children, talk to them about sex, the best parenting style, and how to be saved by repentance and trust in Christ. It's not forcing them, but telling them about salvation and then letting them work things out for themselves. A great book for Sunday school teachers, parents, & pastors on how to share the gospel and how to raise godly children using the Bible as a guide in the latest volume five.