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Katrina A. Sardis
  ​ I am an Australian writer.  I currently have three published books, and working on the fourth, which will be the sequel to 'My Winged Protector'.     I have had an amazing journey. I have a passion for writing, and it is an area that I have enjoyed most of my life. Wri More...



God, does not interfere with earthly matters, until now.

Gabe, is a Chosen Guardian Angel, assigned to protect Harmony. At first, she is just another assignment, until he falls in love.
He is torn between saving the girl he loves, and his
obligations to heaven.
When he chooses to save her, he must face the
consequences. The archangels believe in her death, whilst Satan needs her alive.

Harmony, is fed up with being bullied at school, all she wants is for it to end.
The answer she believes, is to die.
What she doesn't know is for the past two years she has been assigned a Chosen Guardian Angel, Gabe, and he will do anything to save her.

Will saving her be enough?

This story ticks all the right boxes. It has romance, twists, and an altercation between Heaven and Hell.


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