Paths Less Travelled of a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher Healer


Hon Lee
Hon K. Lee, a retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, was an artillery forward observer and platoon commander in Vietnam. After leaving active duty, he became a CIA clandestine operations officer, serving undercover in seven field assignments and in three of  More...



A personal memoir by Hon K. Lee describing his adventures: growing up in New York's Chinatown; being a combat Marine; running CIA clandestine operations; teaching Chinese martial arts; and treating patients with Chinese medicine and acupuncture. His story begins with Lee as a scrawny runt in a Chinese immigrant family. He gets bullied so often he yearns to be like the kung fu heroes he sees in the movies. He becomes a Marine to prove himself, but the horrors of war make him wonder what it would take to achieve peace. He joins the CIA’s clandestine service, only to see his career threatened in an ordeal that makes him reevaluate his life purpose, leading him to chase his dream to study Chinese medicine. Along the way, he apprentices with top martial arts masters, and opens a school to pass on what he’s learned. In this straightforward, often humorous memoir Lee narrates his adventures from streets of Chinatown to battlefields of Vietnam, and from corridors of CIA headquarters to the acupuncture clinics of Shanghai. While his journey seems to take divergence paths, those familiar with stories about the knights of ancient China will recognize he’s traveling a singular path – a four-fold one of Scholar Warrior Teacher Healer, with Spy thrown in.