AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology

AFRO Sci-Fi Anthology

ABOUT Stafford Battle

Stafford Battle
I write speculative fiction from a different perspective. My works examine "the other".



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Join the literature revolution. Read what you are missing. Enjoy speculative fiction at a different level. Break out of the norm and get into the new. Explore different viewpoints in science fiction and fantasy. In this short story anthology, AFRO Sci-Fi written by Stafford Levon Battle you will journey into new vistas that broaden your appreciation of the world and thus enrich your understanding of how society is evolving to accommodate all of us. All you need is an open mind.

People of African descent have been writing speculative fiction since the 1800s, and their stories, music, graphic arts and films are gaining recognition, today. This offers a new world for everyone to enjoy and be enlightened. Have fun.

Discover New Speculative Fiction Literature

  • Sword & Soul -- Ancient Africans heroes battle incredible beasts and blood-thirsty gods & demons
  • In the American South, an African Tree Demon seeks revenge
  • Your favorite aunt has an affair with a troublesome Nubian demigod
  • In the wild, weird west, a Sheriff with shaman powers faces desperate odds to protect a town
  • Galactic slave traders interrupt a traditional African wedding taking place in high Earth orbit.

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