Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of Shadow Hills

Young Adult, Mystery & Thrillers, Middle Grade

By Carrie Cross

Publisher : Teen Mystery Press

ABOUT Carrie Cross

Carrie Cross
Carrie Cross is an avid reader who fell in love with books as a little girl after reading Goodnight Moon. She wrote her first "book" at age four: Blackie the Little Black Dog and the Flying Washing Machine. Carrie discovered her love of mysteries reading Nancy Drew books and The  More...


Thirteen-year-old sleuth Skylar Robbins is horrified to learn that she'll be stuck at her bullying cousin Gwendolyn's creepy mansion for the summer. She has no idea how much excitement and danger awaits her in Malibu’s Shadow Hills.

As soon as Skylar arrives at the estate, unexplainable events begin to happen. She discovers a hidden garden in the huge back yard, and her new friend Kat pronounces it the perfect place to perform spells. Practical Skylar is skeptical, until the magic appears to start working.

Is Kat a real middle school witch and a true friend, or is she just interested in the cute stable boy? Did she use magic to control Skylar’s body, or was it all part of a complicated hoax? Who or what is making those terrifying noises up in Shadow Hills at night?

Rumors are flying and the locals are afraid. Kat challenges Skylar to take increasingly dangerous risks while she tries to solve the mystery. Armed with her detective tools, brains, and a huge dose of courage, Skylar will face her deepest fears to find the truth. 






"When I was six years old, my parents decided we needed to buy a bigger house. We looked at a creepy two-story in Santa Monica Canyon, and I played hide-and-seek with the little girl who lived there. There were closets and secret hiding places with doors that opened into other rooms. Later, I wondered, "What if there was a clue hidden in one of those closets?" And the idea for the Skylar Robbins mystery series was born.


5.0 out of 5 stars A great mystery for young adult readers, April 17, 2014
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This book, though meant for a younger audience, kept me wanting to read more. There was mystery, suspense and a slew of relatable characters. The plot twists and ending were unexpected and exciting. It is a great choice for young adult readers.
5.0 out of 5 stars A Book that assists in lessons, communication, and building memories for our family!, November 25, 2013
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Just finished reading Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of Shadow Hills to my 5 children. by Carrie Cross
I love that there was inspiration to do activities with the family. We took the time to make amulets - or necklaces from rocks we searched for. We are planning some fun art projects too.
I also love that the book took a turn into a positive lesson that I would want to teach my kids anyway. We were able to stop after reading the book and discuss what we learned about friendship and deciphering what a true friend is or is not. My children learned something about following fads as well. All wonderful lessons that I as a mother often wonder how I will be able to reach my children and teach in a way that they would "get". This way we were able to do it together as a family all while building our own communications skills.

This book is rated 5 stars by me and the kids :) Thank you Carrie! We are looking forward to reading your future adventures!!!