ABOUT Joseph S. Holleman

Joseph S. Holleman
I am the CEO of Magister Investment Research (www.magisterinvestmentresearch.com), a subsidiary of Magister Technologies Inc., and the developer of CIT (Change in Trend) Cycles and Disequilibrium (DQ) Analysis for financial markets, products of over 30 years of research and practical app More...



The contents of this book could save your life.

It could also save the life of your business, your investments...even the lives and livelihoods of your children and grandchildren.

There is a pattern to the future. There is an order that has occurred over and over again, in near perfect sequence, for more than 3600 years; and all of this is revealed within the pages of this first book in "The Prosperity Clock" series.

If you don't know what this order is you won't be able to protect yourself, your business, your investments, or your loved ones from the Storm that is coming...a 40 to 55 year Crisis period, potentially due to start in 2014, the likes of which we have not seen for 500 years.

But if you DO know what that order is then you should not only be able to use the knowledge revealed in these books to surive this crisis period but to actually prosper and come out ahead. And the books in the Prosperity Clock series will not only show you how to do that but will show you how you could have done it during every 50 year interval for the last 3600 years.

But time is rapidly running out for people who don't know what is coming...who are still stumbling around in the dark at the mercy of an uncertain future....who don't yet know what time it is.

Do YOU know what time it is? The answer lies within these books.

The Prosperity Clock book series is a warning. It is a warning to everyone that will listen because, according to its current indications, we are approaching a 40 to 55 year Crisis period, probably starting in 2014, the likes of which we have not seen for over 500 years. The first book in the series provides an outline of what to expect in the immediate future according to the Prosperity Clock model. The next eight books in the series will take you back to what the model has indicated for every 50 year interval for the last 3600 years so you can see how you could have used it to prosper and survive during those times. It will also show you very clear parallels from the past and the difficulties and opportunities you will likely see in the future as well. Armed with the knowledge you will gain from these books you should be equipped to navigate through the Crisis period we are about to all go through and, hopefully, not only protect what you have and those you love but to also prosper by being able to take advantage of the opportunities that will periodically present themselves even during a major crisis period like the one that is coming, that is almost already here.