ABOUT Diana Sears

Diana Sears
D.M. Sears lives in Missouri with her daughter and one crazy cat. Her first paranormal fantasy, Eden's Mark, was recently published by Solstice Publishing. D.M. Sears is a Director of an early childhood center and bakes cupcakes on the side. She loves most genres of books and is currently  More...



Mumbai is a place where dreams become reality and reality becomes a dream. For May, Mumbai will become both.

Finally able to take a research trip, author Maycee Scott travels to exotic Mumbai, India hoping to find inspiration for her next novel. Unbeknownst to her, fate has another agenda that will leave our heroine in a spiral of lust and tangled affections. Chance leads Maycee into the lives of two mysterious Bollywood men; Vijay Sharma and Ranjit Mehta, complete opposites of each other but best friends. Ranjit is the new face of Hindi cinema who sweeps Mae off her feet with his youthful fun loving nature. Vijay, who is an established actor/ philanthropist, is wounded so deep May finds herself compelled to heal him. Both men are an intoxicating weakness she can't help but indulge in. Things catch up though and life for Maycee takes a drastic turn. The loss of a family member threatens to consume her world with grief. Who will she chose to console her, who will become her knight...find out in Moon Over Mumbai.