The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle - The Rise of the Black Knight

The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle - The Rise of the Black Knight

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HW Cumming
HW Cumming is a classical and jazz pianist, a college graduate with a degree in engineering from the University of Toronto, an avid outdoorsman...having skied and trekked all over world - including both Annapurna and Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a successful business executive with more than 20 ye More...


Horace, George and Ingle are three brothers growing up during a time of relative calm in a land once dominated by great battles. Galray has enjoyed peace and prosperity for many years under the watchfulness of the knights council and the strong leadership of their father the King. The boys didn't know that tonight would be the start of an adventure that would change the course of their lives as they sat down for a game of chess. What starts as a simple storm turns into a race to save the kingdom. Dragons, myths and betrayal lay ahead as the three brothers are forced to lead and become men.

The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle started taking form shortly after I found myself looking after my two young kids on my own. At first I started telling stories about the three brothers - Horace, George and Ingle - 2 were knights and the older was a baker - and over time it became a series of short stories that imagined a world where dragons and mythical characters lived that would eventually come together in the Rise of The Black Knight. Like those initial stories and the journey of all kids through adolescence, the book starts off with an innocence that is increasingly challenged as they are forced to leave their protected world of their father's kingdom and grow into leaders themselves as they increasingly deal with the challenge and complexity of the adult world. The story draws from my experiences as a father watching my own kids grow and from my own childhood, growing up with an older brother.

Format: Kindle Edition
The Adventures of Horace, George and Ingle by HW Cumming makes me think of childhood classics such as The Three Musketeers, King Arthur and his knights, and The Princess Bride.

It starts a little slow, but after a few pages, quickly picks up. It's a fast-paced fun and
adventure. Fantastic read.

There are great illustrations throughout the book and its a great book to read aloud, My favorite of the brothers was Ingle, but all the brothers have their own separate unique personalities. I could tell the author really cared about them and their friend Roland.

The book is entertaining but also includes valuable life teachings such as the bonding of brothers, challenges that have to be faced as you grow older, and of course the age-old battle between good and evil.

I am highly enthusiastic about this book and the next books to see what other adventures the three brothers will eagerly encompass. I'm hoping the author will eventually weave a non-conventional female character into the adventures.
By Sarah Dalziel on September 23, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I found this book to be interesting and fascinating. The storyline easily grabbed my attention, while the characters made me care about what happened. I would recommend this book for tween readers, who enjoy knights, castles, and mystery.
By Samie Sands on July 29, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
Wow what a brilliantly creative book! The characters are so funny, loveable and well written and the plot is surprisingly gripping. Once I'd started reading the book I juts had to finish it! The illustrations are a wonderful touch and make the book that much more unique - I will be saving this book for when my daughter is a little older and can read and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next!