Peril: The Legend of Sedrak

ABOUT Jackie G Mills

Jackie G Mills
Jackie G Mills is a bestselling multi genre writer of Novels, Short Stories, Flash Fiction Poems and Children's books.



Category: Action, Adventure, Legends & Folk Tales, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

When Raki travels with her clan for their annual visit to the Homeland, she has no idea it would be the last time. An evil lurks in wait, seeking more than just death!
In her pursuit of the ancient darkness that changed her life, she discovers a truth hidden beneath layers of deception.
Her reluctant travel companion Jakail hides his own secrets. Who is he and why is he hunting the creature? Together they face terrifying dangers in search of the wizard who can change their fortunes.
As Raki creeps ever closer to the person she was born to be, their destinies intertwine. They must face the peril that awaits them—no matter what the cost.