Cinderella Tears

Cinderella Tears

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Peter Yang
My name is Peter.  I like writing short stories and posting them online.  And recently, I put together a collection of short stories that people like and hope to share it with more people


About the Book

I am intrigue by how western women’s obsession with fairytale romance cause 48% of them to been in physical or emotional abusive relationship, while studying a social science and media degree, in University.  Base leading academics in the field’s work, the book use fiction to help people understand the situation.



Hailey Walker is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Sam Brown, but doesn't want to leave him. Their affair is not only abusive, but extremely romantic at the same time. Sam is good at sweeping a girl off her feet. Hailey grew up believing that true love and happiness with a romantic man is a fairy tale come true. It becomes an obsession. She believes her relationship with Sam is what true love is supposed to be, so she continues to lie to herself and stays with this abusive man. Sam doesn't love Hailey, and only wants to keep her as a trophy to prove that he can have a woman as beautiful as Hailey addicted to him. Despite being together with Hailey for over ten years, Sam is married to a rich woman named Nichole Stanmore. Nichole doesn't love Sam and is ready to divorce him the second he does her wrong. She knows that Sam needs her family fortune to keep his business, so Sam won't do anything to anger his wife. Nichole's father, Jeff Stanmore, owns a successful trucking company, but owes all his success to his wife, Sabrina, who has a doctorate in business. She transformed Jeff from a high school dropout into the successful businessman he is today. Jeff's affair with a nineteen-year-old Chinese exchange student angers Sabrina so much that she dies of a stroke. Soon after, Jeff starts to plan his next wedding. Who will be crying Cinderella Tears in this intense novel? 


When I was studying a Social Science and Media degree in university. I was intrigued by how, obsession with fairy tale romance, has result in 48% of women in western society to have been in physical or emotional abusive relationships. I also seen it happened with my own eyes, girls that are so obsess with fairy tale romance that they choose to stay in an abusive relationship. As a result, this became a topic of interest to me and base on what I've already learn in university, I went to greater depth to research this topic. Base on the works of leading academic in related field to this topic, this book use fiction, to illustrate this common but unheard of situation within our western society.

Anna Gaines

I have always found book about abusive relationships, or any form of attention to them at all both a positive and negative attention. Abuse is always something people need to be aware of but it is sometimes upsetting to read about. I appreciate the way Jui-Wei Yang handles the situation. Hailey's friends are supportive in their lack of association with her (Chan telling her he wants nothing to do with her while she is with Sam, while Emma cares for her regardless). It's a very real situation to be in, what Hailey is dealing with, and Emma and Chan's reactions are also both very real. 

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