Out of Time

Romance, General Fiction

By Rosamunde Bott

Publisher : FeedARead

ABOUT Rosamunde Bott

Rosamunde Bott
I am mainly a writer of historical novels, though I have also have a children's fantasy book.  I am also a professional genealogist, and my novels often have a family history theme - I love the way ancestry links us to the past.


Leaving her London life for the peace and quiet of a Cotswold cottage where she can begin a career as a writer, Catherine Burns meets the enigmatic Will Days, who appears to know more about her family and ancestors than she does herself. Puzzled by the strange feelings she has about the cottage she has bought, the village manor house, and the nearby ruins of a large hall, Catherine finds herself constantly turning to Will to find the answers to her questions. And Will turns out to be a lot older than he looks....

When I sat down to write this book all I knew was that I wanted to write a story where a house was an important part of it, I wanted historical elements, and I wanted some kind of mystery. This was the result!