The Crisis Before Midlife

Romance, General Fiction

By Mario D King

Publisher : MDK Books

ABOUT Mario D King

Mario D King
Author Mario D. King is an author/poet from Memphis, Tennessee. King has recently released his debut novel, The Crisis Before Midlife, through his publishing company MDK Books. MDK Books LLC is dedicated to providing inspiring, socially –conscious, uplifting, and motivating works through More...


~~Malcolm Turner is a single father with the weight of the world on his shoulders. As he approaches the age of 30, he finds himself having an identity crisis, as well as lacking in self-confidence and begins to feel the pressure of becoming the man he is meant to be. In the midst of being a single father—Malcolm finds himself trying to juggle relationships, friendships, and family all while trying to find some spiritual peace in the journey called: The Crisis before Midlife.

Writing the first draft was definitely a journey for me. I didn't worry about the mechanics per se; I just wanted to make sure the characters and situations were relatable and not forced. I'm laughing as I write this, but I had about five or six different drafts. This was my first novel, my baby, so I wanted to make sure that my first impression was my best impression. The core of the story stayed the same, but there were some minor and major changes made. For instance the current ending of the story, is not what I initially intended. From what I've been hearing from the readers of my novel, they enjoyed it…so I'm happy with the decision I finally made. I must admit it was a tough one, but overall I'm pleased. The characters were based solely on my imagination. I didn't subconsciously base the characters on anyone in particular. However, some of my friends and family have likened certain characters to me from certain periods in my life. As I read the novel throughout from beginning to end, I would catch myself at times saying, "Man, I would have done the same thing or responded the same way." I tried to veer off to the side as much as possible as I didn't want people trying to put two and two together, etc. I didn't want to be like Harper Stewart (Taye Diggs) in the movie, The Best Man.

One of the great thrills of finding pleasing books that let me sync into them, is romanticizing back on the moment I first spotted them, sighing things like, "I think I might really like this one."
This was precisely what happened when Mario D. King introduced his debut novel. It was one sentence in the synopsis… 'As Malcolm becomes the adoration of multiple women, he has a difficult decision to make.'
That's the sentence that grabbed me. The intrigue in the vibe of that line, and storyline together, reminding me so much of another book that turned out to be a memorable experience, I decided to check this one out too. I did, and was pleasantly pleased.