Your incomprehensible child (Ваш непонятный ребёнок)

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Today the modern Children’s literature market in Russia is dominated by books for young children and a large percentage is non-fiction, primarily mass market. In the world of fiction we find mostly re-edited classics, fantasy or detective novels. There is an alarmingly small n More...


"No doubt, nobody knows your child better than you. However, doesn’t it sometimes seem impossible to understand why your little son is throwing a tantrum or why your teenage daughter is getting out of control? Should you scold or forgive? Accept or try to change? Be offended or understanding?

"Your Incomprehensible Child" provides answers to these questions. It is devoted to the psychological problems of upbringing and the psychological development of children. a professional approach and accessible absorbing descriptions make this book highly appreciated by parents and teachers.

Ekaterina Murashova is an experienced practicing family psychologist, currently employed at a municipal clinic and lecturing at the Saint Petersburg University of Culture. She travelled all over the Soviet Union with various research expeditions and worked with disadvantaged children with the “Médecins du Monde” program. Ekaterina shares her own rich experience in collections of psychological essays (Curing or Loving?; Loving or Training?), engagingly writing about real people with real stories.

One can find her blog with a following of many thousands on the international platform “Snob” ( in Russian). "